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Clinician's Perspective

Clinician's Perspective

As a family physician I have not one but two jobs these days: take great care of my patients and continually improve my practice. I look forward to working with the practice improvement facilitators in the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network to help me do both of these jobs better. An extra pair of skilled hands will be a welcome addition to our improvement team.John Hickner, MD, MSc Professor and Head, Family Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago


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GLPTN Network Hub The Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network is managed by a central hub at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Teams at our partner organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan implement and run the program for their respective states (see left). Michigan runs the program for our clinicians in Ohio. Details about the progran are expalined in our article at

Our Goals

  • To provide better care to patients, at a lower cost, for better health outcomes for 10 million patients across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio
  • To partner with 15,500 providers to transform their practice in preparation for upcoming health care mandates and share their learnings
  • To empower clinicians by delivering personalized resources tailored to each practice’s needs and offering the best customer service possible.

Our Mission
To empower clinicians with information, services, and support to bring joy to the practice of medicine and provide the best care, at a lower cost, for better health outcomes for 10 million Americans.

Our Vision
Transforming health for all — now!

Our Values
Collaborative • Personalized • Trusted • Flexible • Patient-centered • Joy

Our Quality Measures
Asian doctorThe GLPTN will provide technical assistance to participating organizations over the next four years to improve these major quality measures:

  • Medication Management (HBP Control)
  • Medication Management (Anticoagulants)
  • Flu Vaccination
  • COPD Management
  • CHF Management
  • Depression Screening & Follow-up
  • Diabetes Management
  • Other,  practice-identified priorities for clinical quality improvement