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Clinicians Perspecitve

Clinicians Perspecitve

"I'm very excited to be part of GLPTN and witness firsthand some of the exciting changes that are taking place in our healthcare system to help promote high quality care. I hope to see the tools of implementation science put to the test to help rapidly disseminate meaningful improvements to healthcare processes and ultimately to patients' lives. "Ashley Overley, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Division of Mental Health & Addiction IN Family & Social Services Administration


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Altarum Institute to Lead Clinical Practice Transformation Effort in Michigan

Friday, October 2, 2015

Altarum Institute is excited to announce that it will lead the Michigan arm of a ...

National Experts

The National Development, Management and Improvement Contract will provide support for the TCPI National and Regional Faculty, and the TCPI Expert Panel. The Expert panel is a group of highest clinician performers assembled and Faculty Chairs, which includes a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health care administrators, physician assistants, specialists, operations and financial leaders. The full info about the work of our team is posted on

The purpose of the Expert panel is to provide expertise to continuing development and spread of TCPI Aims and Goals; Regional Cluster Coaches, which will be assigned to specific regions; and the National Learning Facilitators, whose job will be to use their significant experience in the TCPI Change Package strategy.

The National Faculty will be Technical Advisors to the PTNs/SANs and those educators listed above and to frontline clinicians in practices and include the following activities:

  • Participate in weekly TCPI Leadership/Management calls
  • Provide expertise to continuing development and spread of TCPI Aims and Goals
  • Provide oversight and guidance for Curriculum Development and Change Packages
  • Actively participate in programs’ strategic planning with TCPI leadership
  • Plan and participate in presenting webinars and other learning session venues
  • Assist in the communications via the TCPI listserv and other forms of communications and provide responses to practice team’s comments and requests
  • Provide expert technical assistance to TCPI Regional Cluster Coaches and National Learning Facilities
  • Respond to modification requests by CMS in the design of additional learning occurs across the TCPI Networks